Emma (emmacrew) wrote in mysterystole,

I did it, I frogged a lot.

I frogged all the way back to the 4th repeat of the chart in clue 1. And did a fair amount of revamping. In short, I messed with chart A quite a bit, making it a little more symmetrical and extending it to 16 rows in the process. I am continuing the clue 1 wiggly pattern up both edges of the shawl, and again in place of chart B. And I added some plain rows in the field of flowers area, which takes that up to 16 rows, too. I'm going to put other patterns in as it goes along, because I can't face 400-odd rows as it is. Probably put a big diamond in the middle (stairstepping the flowers out as saint_buddha suggested in a comment) with something interesting in the center. May need to make it three diamonds to get the length needed. And end it off symmetrically. Because apparently my attention span is just that short.

I'll be posting a photo when I get 32 rows in.
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